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Post-doctor and Faculty Positions


  Our research group was found in 1997 relying on the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing and the International School of Materials Science and Engineering of WHUT. We invite top caliber applicants from around the world to apply for the post-doctor and faculty positions.

  The applicant for faculty should be a recipient or a potential recipient of the Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction plan、the National Youth Talent Support Program、Young Scholars of Changjiang、Outstanding Youth Science Foundation.

  The main research fields include electromagnetic functional composites, photonic crystals and micro/nanomotors, etc.


  With the spirit of teamwork and strong sense of responsibility, and can bear hardships and stand hard work;

  With the solid basic theory and professional knowledge of electromagnetic wave and materials major, the one who has the computer programming ability is preferred;

  The person who has published papers in top international journals, and has the research experience in the fields of magnetic absorbers, coating resin or adhesive, absorbing composite materials, electromagnetic calculation or electromagnetic metamaterials, etc. is preferred;

  A doctoral degree or more than two-years of research experiences from famous Overseas universities or research laboratories is necessary for the faculty applicants.

  Work Treatment:

  The first-class working conditions and year-end awards besides the relevant treatments from WHUT;

  Positive recommendation for the relevant national and provincial talent plans;

  Priority recommendation of working in WHUT for the outstanding postdoctors.

  Contact: guanjg@whut.edu.cn


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E-mail: guanjg@whut.edu.cn