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杨帆、牟方志等撰写的论文被ACS Nano正式接收发表

      杨帆、牟方志等撰写的论文“Flexible Guidance of Microengines by Dynamic Topographical Pathways in Ferrofluids”被美国化学会期刊ACS Nano正式接收发表(2018,doi:10.1021/acsnano.8b01682)。在该论文中,我们演示了一种利用磁流体在外磁场作用下形成的动态拓扑轨道有效调控人造微米引擎和可运动微生物运动轨迹的实时、简单和多样化的控制策略。使用这种策略,动态拓扑轨道可以给正在运动的微米引擎施加一个各向异性的阻力从而规范其取向状态。因为动态拓扑轨道的方向和长度可以通过外加磁场实现可逆、快速控制,进而能够按照要求控制磁流体中微米引擎运动方向和轨迹。比如调控微米引擎运动轨迹为圆形、椭圆形、直线型、半正玄形和正玄形轨迹等。这里所演示的控制策略摆脱了对微米马达的习惯性响应的依赖性,并适用于自主推进剂在本体液相和靠近基板壁中的运动。此外,在磁流体中的微发动机(或运动微生物)可以被看作是一个完整的系统,它可以激励发展出具有生物医学和环境应用协同功能的智能系统。
      原文摘要如下:In this work, we demonstrate a simple, versatile and real-time motion guidance strategy for artificial microengines and motile microorganisms in a ferrofluid by dynamic topographical pathways (DTPs), which are assembled from superparamagnetic nanoparticles in response to external magnetic field (H). In this general strategy, the DTPs can exert anisotropic resistance forces on autonomously moving microengines and thus regulate their orientation. As the DTPs with different directions and lengths can be reversibly and swiftly assembled in response to the applied H, the microengines in the ferrofluid can be guided on demand with controlled motion directions and trajectories, including circular, elliptical, straight-line, semi-sine and sinusoidal trajectories. The as-demonstrated control strategy obviates reliance on the customized responses of micromotors, and applies to autonomously propelling agents swimming both in bulk and near substrate walls. Furthermore, the microengines (or motile microorganisms) in a ferrofluid can be considered as an integrated system, and it may inspire the development of intelligent systems with cooperative functions for biomedical and environmental applications.

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